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The 2023 US Expat Conference - Reserve Your Place Now!

Moving abroad is the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime, but it also requires careful financial consideration.

From February 7th-9th 2023, US expat financial experts from around the world are coming together at a free-to-attend online conference to share their expertise, perspectives and experience, all specifically tailored for Americans living abroad worldwide.

Hosted by the US Expat Directory and sponsored by AngloInfo, the conference includes 3 days of expat financial seminars and panel events with breakout rooms so you can meet the experts, discuss the top financial topics, and get answers to your US expat financial questions.

• Tuesday February 7th 2023 - Money Matters Day, covering Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, and International Money Transfers.

• Wednesday February 8th 2023 - Financial Planning Day, covering Retirement Planning and Investing as an American living abroad.

• Thursday February 9th 2023 - US Expat Taxes Day, covering US tax rules, strategies, issues, and solutions for expats.

See the full schedule and register for free today at

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